Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Victoria - Dendritic Opalite Pendant

Dendritic Opalite, sometimes called Moss Opal, is absolutely amazing to look at.  I was so taken by its richness in color the first time I saw it. I have handcut several of them since then, but it is the first cabochon that is made into a piece of jewelry.

I first prepared the bezel and formed it into the shape of the stone. Dimensions were carefully measured for the base and it was sawed out with a hollow center

My hallmark and "925" mark were stamped on a disc and soldered on the back of the base first before the bezel was attached. A bit of space was left on the base for the twisted wire that would serve as an anchor of the pendant.

The pendant is basically completed once the sanding and polishing was done on the metal surface. I made two little "S" clasps which allow opening in the front on either side.

The dimensions of the pendant is approx. 56mm x 49mm, handmade clasps with 9" sterling silver neck chain.

Thanks for reading.

Lamazonian Handcrafted Jewelry © 2005-2011.  Photo: Vema

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