Saturday, February 11, 2012

Not your typical ribbon

Recently I received a special request on making a custom silver ribbon necklace from Shelly, who is to celebrate the 6th anniversity of surviving cancer herself. As you can tell, this would not be merely a piece of jewelry, but a wearable piece that holds a very personal meaning. I gladly took on this project.

Shelly already had a concept of what kind of  pendant she would like. She was very firm on not wanting it in the most conventional way. She would like to associate with the journey she has been through, she prefered something "Bold, whimsical, uneven" in sterling silver, with a long neck chain.

I have chosen to either 1. fuse some odd bits and pieces together, or 2. hammer a stripe of metal, into the form of a ribbon. The end result of fusing is often unpredictable, but can give the uneven and rugged texture and look. With hammering, you can bend and curve the metal to achieve the "flowing" quality of ribbon, thus it gives a richer dimensions.

At the end, Shelly went for the the fused pendant. I then attached a detachable bail, and prepared a 14" handmade sterling silver neck chain with a toggle clasp. With or without the pendant, the chain can be worn, either as a single strand or a double strand for a shorter length, and a mutli-strand bracelet if she likes.    

Thanks for reading, and good health.

Lamazonian Handcrafted Jewelry © 2005-2012. Photo: Vema


  1. Very organic and really beautiful!!Blessings to you for taking on the project...

  2. How wonderful for your friend Shelly and wish her many years of good health. A beautiful and inspiring piece of work and your photos of it are marvelous. Wishing you and yours the very best.

  3. Sharon, thanks for the compliment, and very nice to see you here!

  4. NeverTooOld, thanks for dropping by! Without Shelly's help, I don't think I could have come up with something so special. :)

  5. It is gorgeous, you are a true artist to deliver something so unique.

  6. Sewlution, thank you for your kind words.


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